Why bots are poised to disrupt the enterprise – CIO

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Why bots are poised to disrupt the enterprise – CIO

This interesting read from CIO.com provides a sneak peek on the what the future holds, how automation is disrupting the workplace. Software robots should be thought of as a virtual workforce comparable to on-shore and off-shore workforces. Robots utilize existing applications with the same trusted user interfaces used by people, only faster, more reliably and 24X7. Robotic Process Automation enables organizations to automate existing high volume and/or complex data handling actions as if the business users were doing the work – essentially mimicking human actions. Robotics is a reality today and adoption is accelerating.

The technology is proven and in use across financial services around the globe. Robotics is rapidly expanding to handle unstructured data, OCR/ICR, cognitive analytics. The virtual robotic workforce is transforming how organizations move data, operate and engage customers. It wouldn’t be too far away when normal FTE would be replaced with Robotic FTEs. At 10XDS, we are passionate about adding value to enterprises through a blend of business knowledge combined with exponential technologies. Another unique blend is on our experience and heritage -we carry the legacy of setting up both an offshore center and a Robotic Center of Excellence for a Big4 professional service firm.

If you are looking at more information on how software robotics will disrupt your enterprise, do drop us a note at info@10xds.com and we will be happy to share our experience and jointly explore ways to add value.

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