Current State:

Some of the challenges faced by healthcare sector include heavily routine and manual activities like -

  • Patient Scheduling
  • Coding (medical coding)
  • Claims Administration
  • Enrollment and Eligibility
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Charge Capture
  • Medicare Billing and Compliance
  • Audit Management
  • Secondary Claims Management
  • Accounts receivable/denial recovery
  • Patient Self-pay Administration

10XDS Capabilities – RPA in Healthcare:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) supports healthcare providers by helping them apply process automation to many of the most labour intensive, costly and error prone activities within Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management. RPA helps to keep healthcare providers’ Revenue Cycle efficient and compliant, which accelerates cash flow, reduces accounts receivables and minimizes un-collectable debt write-offs.


  • Decreasing AR days, increasing reimbursements and enhancing coding compliance
  • Improving billing efficiency to accelerate cash flow, reduce accounts receivables and minimize write-offs
  • Accelerating turnaround of claims and payments
  • More accurately and more quickly resolving aged receivables
  • Validating health plans and third party insurance eligibility
  • Optimizing secondary claim processing and follow-up
  • Improving processes for patient-responsible balances
  • Better data quality and faster processing to improve Federal compliance on Medicare claims filings
  • Improving data quality and compliance for Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) and other Medicare audits