We analyse the world of the end user – be it a customer or an employee, and then design and implement new experiences. Experience led business is the new order with businesses realizing to the importance of being experience led than technology leddisrupting the traditional ways of doing business. With design bringing in new experiences and technology bringing in new capabilities, the customer needs and behaviours are changing rapidly.

The critical questions being asked today are on how much we know on what a customer wants, how best we understand and respond to it and how do we design, implement and deliver it. The more strategic ones are on how to transform the business to be customer-centric and shield the core and still manage disruption. Experience led transformation is customer centric, experience driven holistic approach to digital world transformation. It defines a robust approach to design new, innovative experiences, which is supported by a balanced definition and prioritization of people, process and technology capabilities to deliver these experiences.

It brings together the creative, commercial, analytics, people, process, technology, operations and financial disciplines to develop experiences that are differentiated, aligned to a company’s purpose and drive customer delight, loyalty, and company financial and strategic objectives.

We bring a full suite of capabilities from strategy, brand, people, process, systems and channels to deliver successful change.


  • Operating Model and Governance Model
  • Strategy and alignment
  • Innovation and experience roadmap
  • Technology landscape


  • Website/portals
  • Mobile applications
  • Contact center
  • Social media
  • Customer portals

Managed Service

  • Digital Service Design
  • Program management
  • Systems implementation