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DiWu – RPA as a Service

Driving cost-effective enterprise wide digital transformations

DiWu (Do it With Us),10xDS Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a Service, helps organizations of all sizes and from any industry to embark on enterprise wide transformation using RPA with minimal Capital Expenditure. It is a proven, value driven, end-to-end methodology to manage your automation journey from first automation assessment activity to industrialized managed service.

DiWu, provides an ideal ecosystem for technology, process and people. It enables seamless human – bot interaction to make sure that humans and bot shares work effectively to maximise productivity.


DiWu Features

  • Real Time activity monitoring
  • Enhanced Exception Handling
  • Intelligent Work Queue Management
  • Mobile Ready- Android and iOS
  • Process Scheduling
  • Robot Performance monitoring
  • Cloud, Hybrid and On-Premise Deployment
  • Trending and Predictive
  • Multiple RPA tool Integration

DiWu Advantage

  • Digital Workforce On Demand
    10xDS RPA as a Service solution enables automation implementation, ongoing support and management of your business, administrative and IT processes using our Digital Workforce.
  • Transparent Cost Structure
    Are you thinking of a digital transformation and don’t want to bear the full costs of the implementation? We offer a flexible and scalable service at a low-cost entry point.
  • Hybrid automation platform
    Our hybrid automation platform enables organisations to manage, track, schedule any RPA process and provide seamless interaction between humans and robots.
  • Greater Compliance
    Every action by the Digital Workforce is logged for audit purposes. Say hello to improved Compliance!
  • Pay per use
    Pay only for what you consume and watch your Return On Investment propel ahead on automation initiatives.
  • Quick Time to Market & ROI
    Solution deployment is quick and non-invasive seamlessly integrated with the existing IT landscape. Design, build, test and implement the automated processes in weeks with the help of 10xDS RPA Centre of Excellence, enabling quicker ROI.