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Talent maketh an organization and 10xDS is what it is because of our people!

At 10xDS, we are committed to building people with the right skills, the right attitude and the passion to deliver the vision of the organization as it is our Talent who drives our success.

It is not jobs but careers that we offer and we are confident that the exponential technologies we work on will keep our people relevant in the future – where change in technology is the only constant thing.

We are a young organization at heart with an experienced leadership team anchoring the organization. Together we bring in the flexibility of a start-up along with the maturity of a well-established organization. A perfect blend that can make a difference for the large and small!





10xDS is moving towards being an employee driven organization – for the people, by the people and of the people. A place where everyone feels at home, feels accountable, feels like this is their own company. A place where we all grow together.

Today with over 2 years in existence, we are nearing a century in strength and as diverse as young bloods out of college and people with decades of experience in building and innovating.

We believe in equality and diversity and have a well-balanced male: female ratio and strive towards a non-discriminatory work life. With many working mothers amongst us, we understand the need for being flexible and we encourage an environment for it.

If you are passionate about what we do, obsessed for customer delight, want to be relevant, want to make a difference in what you are doing – then join us for a journey that will be nothing less than Exponential!

Together let’s grab the exponential power to create, innovate and make a difference!

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