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Telecom industry functions on different processes that are repetitive but at the same time crucial for service delivery. With competition growing in the industry, telecom companies cannot afford to leave its customers with bad customer experience.  Intelligent Automations, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) play a pivotal role in driving transformation across the telecom industry, bringing greater efficiency to telecommunications functions – from supply chain and operations to enterprise management and customer care. We at 10XDS has created the solutions for our telecom clients through the optimum utilization of these emerging technologies. These capabilities brought many processes to the automation landscape which was never imagined to be possible few years ago.

Learn how we helped our clients in the telecom industry streamline key processes by the optimum utilization of these emerging technologies.

Key Automation Areas

Intelligent Automation

Service Order Management

Service order management is one of the crucial processes in a telecom company. It involves coordinating with disparate systems, and departments to complete a service order. 10xDS intelligent automation solutions collates information from different sources, validates it, and completes the service order at a less turnaround time.

Know Your Customer

10xDS automation solutions helps in matching the customer’s identity with the previously known researched data and validates it to verify whether the details match the regulatory requirements. The process helps in improving the customer experience by reducing the waiting period, also improving the accuracy of the data.

Quality Reporting

Telecom companies must comply with the quality expectations laid down by TL 9000 to drive business excellence. 10xDS automation solutions always ensure that all the criteria are satisfied, and notifications are sent to the concerned department in case of any deviation. Solution streamlines the process, significantly reducing the time spent in report generation.

Client Onboarding

When a new customer is acquired, 10xDS software bots help in filling their information from previously available or gathered data. It performs all necessary checks and validations to meet the regulatory requirements. This systematic and methodical approach significantly reduces the processing time, onboarding the customers quickly.

Customer Service

10xDS bots ensures that all the customer relevant information and interaction history is available instantly to the employees so that they can focus on the customers, instead of the systems. Our solutions help provide a seamless, hassle-free customer service to the client’s customers leveraging existing or new digital channels.


10xDS automation software streamlines the billing process by automating the invoicing, reconciliation and receipts, eliminating the unwanted manual steps.


Operational Intelligence

10xDS big data analytics solutions help telecom companies gain a deeper understanding of switching, frequency utilization, and capacity planning and management. The solutions help capture and analyze data produced by the sensors to accelerate the troubleshooting process.

Customer Churn Analysis

Accurate diagnosis of customer churn and enabling of alerts when a customer exhibits behavior that suggests imminent defection is a critical requirement for the telecom companies. 10xDS analytics solutions help predict customer defections considering multiple factors such as social media comments, declining usage, along with historical data that show certain behavior patterns that suggest churn.

Fraud Detection

10xDS advanced analytics solutions effectively leverages predictive models for flagging anomalous phone calls indicating possible theft or hacking, both in business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments. The solutions analyze usage data, location-specific data and customer account data in real time to model baseline “normal” behavior.

Clickstream Analysis

10xDS solutions help communications service providers generate more revenue and create better customer experiences by tracking and analyzing customer clickstreams to understand their preferences and propensity to buy. The solutions optimize web pages to increase conversions and cross-selling opportunities.


Our solutions help telecom companies provide more accurate and relevant recommendations to customers in real time by analyzing customer call logs, usage and customer satisfaction data combined with social media data to understand customer preferences and behavior.

Product Development

Our solutions help telecom companies gain valuable insights by collecting and analyzing the diverse and rich data generated from their customers’ mobile devices. They can use these insights into customer behavior and usage to identify new product features or services to improve customer loyalty.


Customer Service

10xDS AI solutions help analyze customer requests together with network data to find the solution to customer’s problem more efficiently. The solution helps identify “hot leads” from thousands of emails and routing them to the salespeople.

Sales And Personalized User Experience

10xDS AI solutions can help telecom companies improve customer retention and receive higher profit per user. The solutions can help make personalized recommendations based on user’s behavioral patterns. Make relevant upsell and cross-sell offers to the right users at the right time and more.

Predictive Maintenance

10xDS AI solutions can help proactively resolve issues in the telecom hardware by detecting various signals indicating the probability of failure. When it becomes a serious threat to the network integrity, the solution can work its way around the difficulty while creating a maintenance request to correct the problem.