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Human Resources

In most organizations HR function is viewed as a cost generator and most of its highly transactional processes use old outdated systems to manage tasks. Much of what happens in HR is repetitive and can be automated, making the function ripe for digital transformation. 10xDS helps organizations to adopt the emerging digital technologies such as intelligent automation, artificial intelligence, analytics and more to streamline processes and create more valuable time for the truly human side of the job.

Key Automation Areas

Intelligent Automation

New Hire, Set-Up and Onboarding

The new hire process in organizations can be extremely labor intensive, involving manual data-entry, paperwork, verifications. The orientations can also be time-consuming. 10xDS intelligent automation solutions automates and streamlines the onboarding process, significantly reducing the time new hires spend in orientation, and eliminates non-value add manual processes.

Employment History Verification

The candidate verification process involves various tedious manual tasks such as facilitating interviews with former employers, tracking and coordinating email correspondences and others. 10xDS solutions help automate email correspondence, appointment setting and others to streamline the process, saving time and helping organizations find the right employees.

Payroll Automation

If not streamlined, payroll process can be highly tedious, effort-intensive and time consuming and its also crucial for the business and satisfaction of the employees. 10xDS automation solutions streamlines the process by eliminating non-value-added activities and automating repetitive effort-intensive steps. The solution increases process efficiency, performance and accuracy.


HR Virtual Assistants

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), OCR capability (optical character recognition), NLP (natural language processing) and RPA, 10xDS HR virtual assistants can support various processes such as Pre-boarding, Onboarding/Offboarding, HR helpdesk for general organizational and HR policy related queries, Travel and Expense Management and others.

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